Illegal Intervention Vs Support

THE DANGER OF ASSUMPTIONS & STEREOTYPE I recently posted a video regarding the involvement of youth and family services, which went viral. I was inspired to create the video to highlight the vast in differences in perspectives between professionals and parents, as we are often blamed for occurrences which are sometimes beyond our control. As … Continue reading Illegal Intervention Vs Support

It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)

  A big banger! Now I’m not even going to pretend that I am a big Solonge fan. But whether you are a fan of the artists or not there are just some songs you can’t help being drawn to. After having it droned into my head by someone it slowly began to set in.  … Continue reading It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)

Trust and Believe

So I have stolen a trusted friend's status. Something I often do with him, an advocator of truth. The phrases I told you so, I knew it are signs of predetermined failure. But what most people don’t get is that it might not have gone that way if it were not for the predetermined ‘spell’ … Continue reading Trust and Believe

Divine Balance

In 2017 positivity appears to be making a big uprise, or has it? I notice the constant posting of positive quotes and memes on almost every social media profile. However posting positive memes does not necessarily mean people are being positive. In fact we can tell when some people are angry because they they go … Continue reading Divine Balance