It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)

  A big banger! Now I’m not even going to pretend that I am a big Solonge fan. But whether you are a fan of the artists or not there are just some songs you can’t help being drawn to. After having it droned into my head by someone it slowly began to set in.  … Continue reading It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)


Sad but true, there is at least one or more associate, friend or family member in your life who is dying for the moment something bad happens to you. They will like your pictures on social media, smile at you, hug you, and even call you on a regularly basis and come to your house, … Continue reading BADMIND

Reservoir Of Thoughts

Now if I ask you "how was your day today" ? where do you go to find your answer? Sounds like a silly question I know. We would all like to believe that our thinking patterns are totally made up from our own individual thoughts. But the truth is we all run on a pre … Continue reading Reservoir Of Thoughts

Should I Go Should I Stay (Lyrics that touch the soul)

Should I Go (Brandy) Should I go? Should I stay? I'm in control either way Should I go? Should I stay? I'm in control either way A vast amount of time in relationships is spent trying to figure out whether to stay or go. Most often because we are torn between our heart and our … Continue reading Should I Go Should I Stay (Lyrics that touch the soul)

The Art Of Love & War

Emotions are the driving force in factors relating to relationships and communication, and for most of us they win every time good or bad. In cases of good (things we like) we role with the emotion happily. But in times of bad (things we don't like) the emotion is too much to bare. Yet you … Continue reading The Art Of Love & War

Divine Balance

In 2017 positivity appears to be making a big uprise, or has it? I notice the constant posting of positive quotes and memes on almost every social media profile. However posting positive memes does not necessarily mean people are being positive. In fact we can tell when some people are angry because they they go … Continue reading Divine Balance

One one coco full basket (Jamaican Proverb)

Do you ever sit down and wonder about life, and why it can at times be so hard?  Adulthood is something we are all in a hurry to get to but have a number of second thoughts once we actually get there and realize the seriousness of responsibility, and what it actually takes to maintain … Continue reading One one coco full basket (Jamaican Proverb)

Lyrics That Touch The Soul… Floetry “Feelings”

In the midst of emotions it's sometimes impossible to see the simplest of things.  More often we are so clouded with the particulars of recent occurring events and who did and said what how, we misinterpret reality. Normally after a heated argument it takes several hours, days or even weeks in some cases for feelings … Continue reading Lyrics That Touch The Soul… Floetry “Feelings”

Until Women Wake Up

The power of a woman is phenomenal beyond belief. Yet we often neglect this power. We can easily identify strengths in being solely responsible for looking after children, doing the house work, feeding, nursing and catering to everyone in the household. But often ignore powers in a broader sense. On a broader scale God created … Continue reading Until Women Wake Up

Women… Jealousy Vs Ego

As I’ve grown older I realised that women are just as competitive or even more so than men.  But is it jealousy or ego? In this instance let’s use a ‘new relationship’ as an example.  Most men are skilled at covering over feelings towards women because of his fear of allowing another man to be … Continue reading Women… Jealousy Vs Ego