Jamaican gangs of New York (Recommendation)

Jamaican gangs of New York written by Desmond Skyers is a fiction book about Jamaican drug dealers and gangs in New York.  The book is most defiantly captivating and hard to put down. I was entranced with the way it clearly depicts various serious aspects of life and the modern black culture, quote “The desire … Continue reading Jamaican gangs of New York (Recommendation)


Sad but true, there is at least one or more associate, friend or family member in your life who is dying for the moment something bad happens to you. They will like your pictures on social media, smile at you, hug you, and even call you on a regularly basis and come to your house, … Continue reading BADMIND

Stains Of The Ghetto

Though I often visit broader society, I come from a subculture. A cultural group within a larger culture, with different beliefs and interests of the larger culture.  We have our own laws, languages and different ways of doing things. Where I come from not many have ambitions or dreams. If they do they are often … Continue reading Stains Of The Ghetto