Illegal Intervention Vs Support

THE DANGER OF ASSUMPTIONS & STEREOTYPE I recently posted a video regarding the involvement of youth and family services, which went viral. I was inspired to create the video to highlight the vast in differences in perspectives between professionals and parents, as we are often blamed for occurrences which are sometimes beyond our control. As … Continue reading Illegal Intervention Vs Support

It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)

  A big banger! Now I’m not even going to pretend that I am a big Solonge fan. But whether you are a fan of the artists or not there are just some songs you can’t help being drawn to. After having it droned into my head by someone it slowly began to set in.  … Continue reading It’s like cranes in the sky (Lyrics that touch the soul)

Trust and Believe

So I have stolen a trusted friend's status. Something I often do with him, an advocator of truth. The phrases I told you so, I knew it are signs of predetermined failure. But what most people don’t get is that it might not have gone that way if it were not for the predetermined ‘spell’ … Continue reading Trust and Believe

Jamaican gangs of New York (Recommendation)

Jamaican gangs of New York written by Desmond Skyers is a fiction book about Jamaican drug dealers and gangs in New York.  The book is most defiantly captivating and hard to put down. I was entranced with the way it clearly depicts various serious aspects of life and the modern black culture, quote “The desire … Continue reading Jamaican gangs of New York (Recommendation) (Recommendation) is back with vengeance it appears. Pempamsie is a black owned Afrocentric shop based in Brixton south London. The shop has been standing for over 25 years selling natural remedies, skin and hair products, books, dvd’s, toys, crystals, art, carvings and African inspired accessories and household furnishings to the local community. The owner … Continue reading (Recommendation)

Lyrics that touch the soul

I was born during the era Reggae and Lover's Rock music emerged in the Britain, which was an historic transformation for Black people in England. Prior to this there were no black artists in the UK. Music became prominent among the Caribbean culture because it brought people together. I don't recall going to any household growing … Continue reading Lyrics that touch the soul


Sad but true, there is at least one or more associate, friend or family member in your life who is dying for the moment something bad happens to you. They will like your pictures on social media, smile at you, hug you, and even call you on a regularly basis and come to your house, … Continue reading BADMIND

Reservoir Of Thoughts

Now if I ask you "how was your day today" ? where do you go to find your answer? Sounds like a silly question I know. We would all like to believe that our thinking patterns are totally made up from our own individual thoughts. But the truth is we all run on a pre … Continue reading Reservoir Of Thoughts

Should I Go Should I Stay (Lyrics that touch the soul)

Should I Go (Brandy) Should I go? Should I stay? I'm in control either way Should I go? Should I stay? I'm in control either way A vast amount of time in relationships is spent trying to figure out whether to stay or go. Most often because we are torn between our heart and our … Continue reading Should I Go Should I Stay (Lyrics that touch the soul)