Never Suffer In Silence

They say ignorance is bliss! In 2017 you can get up and talk and make public statuses and videos and vent about people having oral sex and a man who is cheating and prefered another woman over you and it is not questioned. It’s applauded and shared by thousands. But if you talk about serious issues affecting the community and preventing us from growth people are questioning “why you are chatting your business” Why talk about people’s lack of love for self? Why talk about domestic violence? Why talk about a flawed system put in place to support families and young people? The things that matter most are most often kept secrets, and God forbid you speak of this.

This world has become nothing but entertainment. Nothing else matters. People are dying, but it doesn’t matter. Our children our dying gruesome deaths, but it doesn’t matter. People are discriminated and treated unfairly, but it doesn’t matter. Our community is dead, but it doesn’t matter. This page is just not long enough to list all the things that humans no longer care about in favour of entertainment and passa passa. It appears as though we have the right to be entertained, but we no longer have a right to be treated right as human beings or respected by fellow community members and society on the whole.

Humanity has diminished and compassion, sympathy and generous disposition are no longer the core of the quality or state of being human. You can of course keep your business to yourself and only tell the few who can help YOU, but is it helping to address the situation on the whole among the unknown number of unheard voices ? Millions of people are fighting in silence for 4, 8, 10 years and nothing is ever done until someone has the confidence to reveal their fight to the world. How do we know what’s being done wrong if people do not have the confidence to speak about wrong doing or expose the wrong doers.

I’ve never heard anyone question why the news broadcasts the deaths and murders of our young boys to the public, but if the mother of the dead child came out and spoke about her issues and struggles with society and the effect it was having on her child, his friends and other boys in the community before his death to try and prevent death as she one could clearly see where this was leading to… it’s why is she chatting out her business. But when the child’s actually dead it’s “omg poor woman, we need to do something in the community”.  Hypocrisy runs writhe among humans.

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The real question is not why are people talking about their business (these important issues), it’s WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP OTHERS? What is your role in the community, society?  What are you doing for ‘your’ people and ‘your’ community besides watching and passing judgement? Some people only take pride and have the confidence in having opinions about others, but no pride or confidence in doing for others, if it means sacrifice of self. Why do we expect these young children to care about the destruction they cause in the community, when it’s clear that most adults don’t give a damn about the destruction they cause, and play no part in society and everything is about self. Then we act surprised when they follow in suit.  Why?

It’s easy to sit behind a screen and say why don’t they just do this and that but unless you have been in the position you will never know how hard something is to “just do”.  Most black people couldn’t just “get a job”, without the people who got up and publicly screamed and shout  about their experience in being constantly rejected by society and discriminated by employers. So I thank God for those who got up before us and chatted their business about lack of awareness, inequality and justice in order for me to be able to have the right to not be a victim of domestic violence, to have a job, to be respected and every other thing in life that is based on a human right.

Whilst the majority are caught up in entertainment and self ego a few remain in reality, placing what matters first and foremost always. This is of benefit to all, whether ignorance allows people to recognise or realise it for what it is or not. “You often have to defend the freedom of people you don’t like” (Salman Rushdie). Without people who stand up to and scream and shout about the things that are wrong humane morals and values will be forgotten. Morals and values should be public practice, not kept ‘secret’. It takes open a determined soul, a strong spirit and a big heart to live in the bigger picture. Not everyone was designed this way, but everyone benefits from these souls who always look at the bigger picture and higher cause.


2 thoughts on “Never Suffer In Silence

  1. I think that things are getting better for a minority of people in our communities, but for the vast majority things are getting economically and socially worst. The main barrier, as I see it, for black communities is white supremacy. There’s a minority of black individuals within our communities who have turn their backs on those less fortunate, by colluding with racial oppression. They no longer view racism as a problem, instead they blame individual black person and community for their misfortune and not structural defects. For many, community identity is no longer necessary, as they are able to imitate and adopt to their new colonised environment. Sadly, the vast majority are left vulnerable and leaderless, becoming more-and-more fatalistic. So, for the many, the future is bleak!


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