Trust and Believe

So I have stolen a trusted friend’s status. Something I often do with him, an advocator of truth.

The phrases I told you so, I knew it are signs of predetermined failure. But what most people don’t get is that it might not have gone that way if it were not for the predetermined ‘spell’ thrusted upon the situation. Self-sabotage strangely gives some people a sense of joy because they feel rewarded by being able to confirm their predetermination as ‘being right all along’. Not realising that you do everything opposite to make it work because you already decided that it wasn’t going to go “RIGHT” only “WRONG”.

But if you didn’t think you was going to get that job you went for because of a post you never aced at some point, and filled out the application half-heartedly, you just created a possibility why you never got this job or any other job you apply for in the future. If you don’t think you can re-start your old business because it failed at some time, you just created a possibility why it may never work again. If you don’t think you can have a successful relationship because of things that have happened at some point in the past, it’s a big big possibility that you won’t.

Life is so much more simpler than most people care to see. Failure and setbacks are a part of life, but then so are ups. Everything is not guaranteed to fail unless you set the pace for failure. Stop looking for reasons and glory in failure. Strive to making things work out, even if they end up failing.

You will never ever know unless you try.  Trust and Believe.


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