Jamaican gangs of New York (Recommendation)

Jamaican gangs of New York written by Desmond Skyers is a fiction book about Jamaican drug dealers and gangs in New York.  The book is most defiantly captivating and hard to put down. I was entranced with the way it clearly depicts various serious aspects of life and the modern black culture, quote “The desire for instant gratification and materialistic satisfaction was impetus for the violence and killings that followed”. The chapters explore and a range of characters and how this trend affects men, women and children in the local areas. Desmond has chosen to use cultural language which I must say puts a little edge on the normal read and empathises on some common traits of the Caribbean culture, you have to laugh.  For example a young boy gets beaten up by a boy down the road, of course when he gets home mum marches him straight down the road to the other child’s home to confront the boy. Standard procedure where I come from lol. But I won’t spoil the rest, and let you read for yourself.

This is Desmond’s 2nd book.  His first book is entitled ‘Lack of proper leadership and the conscience of America’, published in 2012. This book was written in the hope to firstly inspire self-examination, self-analysis and self-correction for those in the seats of leadership and those in the ruling classes of society. Secondly for the American people to take a look at their own responsibility for those whom they entrust with the seats of leadership.

Desmond took to writing during a period of being incarcerated in America for over 25 years. Desmond is British born but grew up in Jamaica and moved to America when got older. In his late twenties he was sentenced to life imprisonment for an offence he would have most probably received maximum of 8 years sentence and spent 5 years in prison if sentenced in the UK. He has recently returned to the UK after over a 20 year battle with the American criminal justice system finally winning his freedom. Through self-education and determination Desmond has manged to overcome his unforeseen circumstance and make a new life for his self despite being outcast from society for so long.  He currently works with youth offenders and has recently founded his own support project for ex-offenders and vulnerable young people and adults.

I highly recommend this book and ask you to support him in his new venture.

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