(Recommendation) is back with vengeance it appears. Pempamsie is a black owned Afrocentric shop based in Brixton south London. The shop has been standing for over 25 years selling natural remedies, skin and hair products, books, dvd’s, toys, crystals, art, carvings and African inspired accessories and household furnishings to the local community.


The owner of the shop likes to communicate face to face with his customers and is very involved in the day to day running of the business.  You can catch Mr Basil Lynx at the shop daily, giving health and nutritional advice to customers.  He takes time out for each individual person in relation to their individual needs.  In fact don’t be surprised if you walk into a cue waiting for “Dr Basil”. He is somewhat of a health guru miracle worker.

Basil has teamed up with an innovated marketing team who are currently flooding out social media timelines displaying some wonderful new products for the world to see. There is also an option for sign up to their current newsletters on health matters and products.  Latest products and info are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I highly recommend you take a look!!!  You just might find that Christmas or Kwanza gift you are looking for.

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