Reservoir Of Thoughts

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Now if I ask you “how was your day today” ? where do you go to find your answer? Sounds like a silly question I know. We would all like to believe that our thinking patterns are totally made up from our own individual thoughts. But the truth is we all run on a pre coded thought process. Our answers can only be picked from a pre devised selection. Thousands of pre coded thoughts in different categories, for example “good/well/ok/excellent thanks” or “not too good/well actually” or “so so” or “it was ok at the start then…”. One devised section for experiences you liked, one you did not like, and a section for in between feelings towards an experience or situation. I like to refer to this pool as a “Reservoir of thoughts”. Thoughts upon thoughts just waiting to be captured and manifested into a mind. These thoughts are accompanied with feelings and the feelings are accompanied with facial expression and behaviour.  One emoji says it all.

As humans we all share this reservoir, no one’s thoughts are original. For example we are either happy, sad or in between because we like, don’t like or are not sure about an experience. We can only smile, frown or be straight faced. We can only chose to walk left, right, straight or in circles. We can only prefer ready salted, cheese and onion or like both crisp.  All pre coded. If we think of something new it’s based on a combination of things already in existence. Before the invention of a spaceship was space and a ships, before the invention of a hot comb was heat and combs, and before computers were humans with brains (hard drive), coding, bugs and viruses.

There are only 9 numbers you can choose from as any number after 9 is already in existence, for example 28 = 2 & 8. So if a comb represents 2 and heat represents 2 then the answer is 4 (straighten hair).  Who says we don’t use algebra after school? So let’s imagine our choices of views, feelings and character as numbers, “I love music and writing (2) but hate a unclean house”(8) so i’m a number (28). There is a huge probability in prediction that 28’s have a tendency to keep a clean home, sing loud, go out partying and write long texts when trying to explain things. I’m bound to find millions of people who share one or more of my views and feelings. We refer to them as like minded, simply because they choose the same thoughts from the reservoir as we do. Consequently we gel or disagree with people who make the same choices of thought.

The choices of thoughts we choose not only affect our external surrounds but also our internal being. For example, I often choose to be angry over mess in the house. But occasionally get so mad and stressed I opt for different thoughts “*@~%  it I don’t care today let the house stay a mess today”.  It is not at all because I don’t mind the mess, I still can’t stand it. It’s just that some thoughts are just not worth the time and energy and are not good for general wellbeing. So I simply fish out another thought. But stupidly I often later put it back again, resume my old thoughts and continue to stress, forgetting it’s a simple choice of pre coding. This is within itself is a choice of option which many of us choose to take. Mostly because it is hard to pre code thoughts after owning them for so long.  This not only explains the reasons behind the answer to how my day was, but also the reason why my children constantly “forget” to tidy their rooms and that mum will go crazy when she gets home and sees the mess, because she likes a clean home. Even though I’ve told them a thousand times and the ‘cussing’ has messed up their day on many occasions. The issues are only ever resolved when one of us fish for new options.

Moral of the story  “If you think how you always think, you will keep getting the same thing”.  


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