Sad but true, there is at least one or more associate, friend or family member in your life who is dying for the moment something bad happens to you. They will like your pictures on social media, smile at you, hug you, and even call you on a regularly basis and come to your house, and you will have no clue whatsoever. As Movado and Jahvana put it nicely some people are just “dying to see you dead, so they can nyma di fish and bread” at your funeral, with song at hand. For some reason some individuals seem to find pleasuring feelings when bad things happen to others. We in the black community refer to this as “bad mind”. Now people do not generally badmind anyone less well off in life as themselves. Badmind is instigated through lack of. Lack of money, lack of self esteem and confidence, lack of popularity, lack of love or family stability. Instead of thinking of ways to change their own lives, they think of ways to change others. For these individuals waiting for bad things to happen to others is far easier than learning how to improve their own insecurities, self esteem or general lifestyle. They don’t have to do anything at all for this pleasure, it comes free of effort and price. But don’t get it twisted some will go all out, put in work and incur as much cost as they can afford.

How do we know if someone is badmind or not? at first their are no obvious signs, but then the little cracks begin to show. Most often they are never encouraging of the positive things you choose to do. They do not support you unless their is some benefit for themselves. They will carry all private information you share to others, missing out any good bits of course. In some cases they will subtly try to compete with you in secret on every level, compelled to match your house, car and relationship. You become the blueprint of a subdomain in their lives. For some, only when you are gone do they believe their problems will go away.

So how do we deal with badmind?.  Well i’m still trying to work this out as ignoring them can cause implications. In some cases it’s necessary to deal with such people head on, otherwise what we allow will always continue. But not always. I will admit that untill I started to explore the phenomenon of ‘badmind’ following an experience, I never understood what a pray or affirmation of protection was for. I assumed this was for spirits and evil who I can’t say I bump into that often. But I have grown to understand that negativity is negativity whether it’s classed as evil or badmind. It is an overall bad vibration no one wants in their lives. No one sin is greater than the other, negativity all comes from one place. We are taught not to talk about positive things because things will go wrong if told to the wrong person. Not by in them actually doing anything at all other than ‘Thinking or Wishing” bad. Therefore protecting your vibration from others is very important.  My advice is simply 3 affirmations a day, keep the duppy and badmind spirits away!! Get into the practice of spiritual protection.


Protection Affirmation(6)

One thought on “BADMIND

  1. Couldn’t of put it better my self….but why can’t us most of Black people just be genuinely happy for one another….
    This gets to me especially those who are see the struggle…and from those who are going through the challenges of life…

    We all go through struggles
    Its how you deal with them.


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