Balloonatics & Koe (Recommendation)

Balloonatics is an innovative balloon company established by Yazz, assisted by her 2 daughters.  I recall the day she called me asking for advice on something she could do on her own to make money. Like many of us she was tired of working for people. I won’t tell you what I responded lol but basically I didn’t have a clue. Within a matter of months she blew me over. Yazz had used her creativity to come up with the idea of selling balloons.  At first I was like ok balloons ummmm, but as the instagram pictures starting to increase more and more I realised that this woman had it the jackpot. I sat there for days think wow ‘balloons’, I would have never thought of that. But the balloons were just the start.

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The secret to her success is her creativity and imagination.  Through her imagination she is able to conjure up wonderful pictures in her mind and bring them to life through balloons, which in return she sells to others. I’m proud to say that I am witness to the growth of this business from a mere thought, to seed and then into fruition.

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Yaz, big well done! May her creativity, determination, belief in self and self motivation be an inspiration to us all.

Check out @Balloonatics & Koe on FB and Instagram.  Support our local community.

One thought on “Balloonatics & Koe (Recommendation)

  1. OMG a flood of emotion! Humbled, honor, blessed, touched are to to name a few. May we all grow as a community and support one another’s growth, I have proved to myself and my daughters that you can make a business from anything so long as you have determination and vision, become the master of your craft no matter what it takes educate yourself and be the best at it!

    A big heartfelt thank you, you most certainly are an Angel, love always x


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