Divine Balance

In 2017 positivity appears to be making a big uprise, or has it? I notice the constant posting of positive quotes and memes on almost every social media profile. However posting positive memes does not necessarily mean people are being positive. In fact we can tell when some people are angry because they they go on a positive post spree. Positive memes are often used when people are covering up feelings but wish to give the impression that they are being positive about a matter, when in reality they are feeling far from positive.

ying and Yang

To be positive all day every day is virtually impossible and unrealistic.  I am not at all suggesting the we should not try by all means to be positive. But we must also pay close attention to negative feelings and emotions and not overlook them. At times it is vitally important that we embrace our negativity and let it out. Holding in negativity can cause both physical and mental illness. Sometimes it does us good to cry or scream. It is therefore necessary to be truthful to self. If you are really feeling positive, great. But if not, then this needs to be addressed. Because no amount of meme posting is ever going to change this.

We are designed with both positive and negative feelings and emotions which work in divine balance. Too much of anything is never too good.  With day comes night, with left comes right.  You can not reach any destination by only taking right turns, at some point you must take a left. It’s how you choose to address your negativity that makes all the difference. Through negative feelings we learn what we like and don’t like and want or don’t want in our lives. Be positive, don’t just act positive. Pay attention to what your inner self is telling you and listen carefully.  That is being positive.

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