DJ D Mac is from South London. D Mac started out in the early 90’s in a sound called “After Hours”, which was later changed to “Power Play”.  He was schooled by the late Stevie Wonder from the Mistri Twins.  He later gave up his DJ career to raise his family.  In 2007 he was coaxed by DJ JNR Ranx to join Whoa FM radio station and later moved on to Genesis.  In 2012 he was discovered by Jammers and brought into the club and house party scene and blew straight to the top of the circuit.

I first encountered D Mac after being asked if he could play a section at my annual joint birthday party with a friend, by DJ JNR Ranx. I will say I was impressed.  But my overall ratings  became apparent a few months later after hearing him play “The Fruit Song” by Jeannie Reynolds 1976 at a party. Now the fruit song is a song only known by music connoisseurs.  The first connoisseur being my mother.  It wasn’t untill later in life I actually realized what the song was about, ill leave you to google it and work it out for yourselves lol. I had never ever heard this song outside of my home, much less in a rave.  I ran straight to the decks and pulled up the tune myself.  He didn’t need to play anything else for me to recognize his musical spirit. I spent the rest of the night watching and listening to him with a keen ear and quickly became a big fan. We later became friends.

D Mac is undoubtedly the ladies man. He plays all the sing alongs our mums and aunties love. When he comes on it’s time to back off your shoes, put down your handbag hold your friend’s hand and Karaoke at the top of your voice. He has an exquisite ear for music particularly independant soul, but my favorite segments are his Rare Groove selection.  Definitely a gold star.

Gold Star

But this DJ has a special place in my top ten. This DJ is responsible for my first ever public set which eventually lead me into finally starting my own radio show after my life time obsession with music.  One minute I was standing by the set gazing into the lap top at what he was going to choose next, coaxing him to play my choice as I regularly do with DJ’s. The next minute he said ‘ok now you can do it i’m going outside to smoke’ and walked off, leaving me with a house full of people in a BBQ all relying on me. Never have I been in such a nerve wracking situation. As a music critic my worst fear is to mess up or play a tune that doesn’t quite drop right in tempo with the last.  To me Djing is not just putting on tracks, it’s an art that I had not quite yet perfected.  I love music I do, and had a knack for selecting good songs, but the whole technical side was always too much for me. How do I switch over the songs? How do I listen to what’s next on the head phones? How do you just randomly think of songs to play next without seeing them all in one same playlist? How the hell do DJ’s find songs in all these hundreds of folders? “You can do it” he said.  He clearly had more belief in me at the time than I had in myself. I was there with my partner who is also mic man and into music.  He simply turned to me and said “dont worry when you change over tracks i’ll entertain on the mic, you’ve got this babe”. And right there and then I became a DJ in my own right.  I selected and played music for a good half hour before D Mac decides to stroll back into the room.  He just looked at me and smiled and said “I told you”. So I guess sometimes the best way to learn is to be thrown straight into the deep end.  My head was instantly boosted after getting a well done from Marky Mark from the renowned sound Hyper ESQ. All thanks to DJ D Mac, he made my year i’m not even gonna lie.

DJ D Mac specializes in old skool RNB, 80’s soul and rare groove, reggae, bashment, garage, house and afro beats, and is available for bookings.  For bookings message me via Contact or send direct email to and ill be happy to put you in contact.

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