DJ Valpacino


DJ Valpacino is from East London, very big in the London music scene. Most definitely in my list of top 10 DJ’s.  Although he is pretty new to me Valpacino has been a DJ for 30 years.  I was first taken away by his skills roughly four years ago after hearing him play a slow jam remix he had made. He stood out to me because his segment was like a breath of fresh air something different. To take a banging beat or vocals and to change it into an even better sound is a great skill, and he is absolutely top class. Such skills as his are the force behind a number of hit songs across different genres ranging from Reggae, Ska, Rap, hip hop and RNB to jazz, pop and dance music.  Without DJ’s like him music just wouldn’t be the same.

Though mixing has been around since the 1940’s and prominent in 80’s rap, my first ever recollection of actually appreciating remixes arose around the times of R Kelly’s ‘Bump and grind’ remix in 1993.  The birth of slow jam remixes.  Although we all loved the original song, the remix blew us all away.  This appreciation for remixes later lead to my love of Jungle music. At the time my best friend couldn’t stand Jungle music but being the best friend she was she would accompany me to every rave, and spent most of the time just standing there. But I noticed that she would come alive when the tune was mixed with a familiar reggae song she knew. So i’d spend most of the rave trying to think of reggae songs that went with that beat to sing to her, and it worked. Supercat songs worked every time, just something about how he rides a rhythm. Until eventually she learned to think of other songs in her own head and slowly began to like jungle. From then on we’d remix everything, taking enjoyment out of focusing on the tempo of beats and finding other vocals to match. Or of course making up our own words. DJ or not remixing is something we all do. There’s always that song that you and your friends just can’t help singing your own words adding, removing or completely changing parts of a song. I became addicted and eventually developed a keen ear for mashing up and remixes, only dreaming of being able to mix one day. This obsession later lead to a little dabbling in fruity loops and creating beats of my own for my poetry.

In 2017 mixing two songs together is becoming a thing of the past as we are now introduced to a class of DJ’s who are not only mixing existing songs, but also remixing vocals to their own compositions.  This takes a special kind of connection with music that not every DJ is blessed with. Valpacino is without doubt a UK music producer in the making. Definitely deserves a gold star.

Gold Star

DJ Valpacino specialises in old skool drum and base, jungle, garage, independant soul, rare groove and old skool RNB, and is available for bookings. For bookings send me a message via Contact or send direct email to and i’ll only be happy to put you in touch.

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