Jooskie Juice


Jooksie is the owner of Juice E.X.P sound. High on my top ten.  Jooskie is DJ/MC from South London.  He has been playing music since around 1985, famously known for playing the best in rnb, soul and independant soul. Over the years he has played in various sounds and been a long standing DJ of lightning radio. In his later years he teamed up the legendary “Bad Boys” Desi G and Barry White and then Chairman Of The Board. He specializes in dubs. But not only does he play music he is also a ‘vibes maker’.  This gentleman has lyrics, lyrics to make you laugh, lyrics that make the track sound hundred times sweeter and lyrics to drive the girls crazy.  He is a house party king and wears the crown well. Big Big gold star.

Gold Star

I’ve known this DJ from my local area since I was 15 years old and always been a big fan.  It wasn’t until later in life that we became closer friends in regular contact through music. I make a habit out of having close DJ friends as we seem to have a lot in common when it comes to the passion of music.  In 2006 I was one of his biggest fans on lightning radio Monday morning ‘school run’ segment.  I was one of many women captivated by this show finding it impossible to leave my car. He’d also make it impossible to steal songs from him as he wouldn’t follow suit like the rest. This is where I learnt that when you’re in a particular class of league you can’t afford for everyone to be having your songs. I remember clearly and will never forget the first song he refused to give me because it took me a year to eventually get the song.  Maskerade “Amazing”, if you don’t know it get to know.  I woke up extra early every week just to hear the song again and again, only to be vexed by Desi G and Jooksie boasting for another week about not disclosing the artists. oh it hurt me lol. But he made up for it over the years in a number of ways.  He is ‘that guy’, the one I can call singing a song that sounds absolutely nothing like the original song but he knows exactly what song. After cracking up laughing he’d  real off the name, artist, producer and year it came out, so longs it wasn’t an exclusive he wanted to keep to himself.

Jooskie was one of my first resident DJ’s along with DJ JNR Ranx that I brought into my annual birthday parities that I joined with a friend.  At the time he had chosen to take some time off the music scene but always made that special effort to come and do our parties.  I also managed to convince him to do an appearance at my partners birthday  party in 2016 of which my partner cleverly devised the flyer as ‘MC edition’ knowing that no great MC in the land wouldn’t want to miss it. And it worked MC Hollywood, Jooksie and MC Brownie Rockers among many more in an old skool block party, I died and went to heaven.  Jooksie is now back on the seen bigger than before with his own sound and dub factor and available for booking.

Juice E.X.P specialises in reggae, bashment, rnb, soul and independent soul. For bookings please message via Contact  or email direct to, and ill be glad to put you in contact.

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