Stains Of The Ghetto

Though I often visit broader society, I come from a subculture. A cultural group within a larger culture, with different beliefs and interests of the larger culture.  We have our own laws, languages and different ways of doing things.

Where I come from not many have ambitions or dreams. If they do they are often associated with sports, music, selling drugs, being the hottest sexiest girl on the block or of course winning the lottery. Not all, but a large majority. Though we are descendants of great legends dreams of becoming scientists, astronauts, inventors, freedom fighters or CEOs no longer exists. Education and ambition is unfashionable and way down the list of priorities. We like easy. Somehow people find it easier to sell drugs, hustle or obtain low level jobs which do not require much education or skills, praying we work our way up the ladder and finally get that break through from someone one day. Soiled with stains of the ghetto.

Where I come from there is no sense of unity, only when things go drastically wrong.  But on a normal day brothas killing brothas and sisters fighting sistas. There’s high percentages of broken relationships, broken homes and absent parents, and our children have no fear or respect for life. People don’t support their own because most of our business are extortionate or lack in customer service skills. People hate on each others success and take pleasure in bearing witness to others misfortune and downfall. A constant war of selfishness and hatred mindset. Soiled with stains of the ghetto.

Where I come from we immensely lack humanity, blindly oblivious to the destruction it currently causes and the implications for our future.  Though I love my culture on one hand, on the other it breaks my heart to watch us self destruct in a situation that at times appears so simple to fix. Most people just choose to ignore or decide to up and move as far away as possible. I’ve tried many a times to ignore or distance myself away from my own but I can’t help but want to wanna keep coming back to fight for change. Because underneath the stains I see the beauty in all and possibilities of greatness.

My biggest inspiration of all times is Mrs Harriet Tubman quote “I freed a thousand slaves, and could of freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”.  I figure if but a few could break the mindset of slavery after 300 years, then surely this new mindset can be broken too. I figure we are marching and protesting to the wrong people.  I figure everything we’re missing the blame somewhere.  I figure that before we stand up to others demanding our rights we need to rid the stains of the ghetto.



7 thoughts on “Stains Of The Ghetto

  1. Best wishes for success in all of your endeavors. You’re obviously an intelligent woman who sees the world as it is, not as she wishes it was. I applaud you. Keep it up.


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